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Our mission is to help schools safely, efficiently, and confidently share their stories on social media, attract prospective families, and light up school spirit!

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When you prioritize social media, and level up your strategy, your community takes notice!  See how our work impacted our schools! 

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Social media can be stressful or can be downright impossible to get to with all the tasks on your to-do list. When you hire us to help, you can rest assured that we are working behind the scenes for you, making your social media success story our full-time passion!

"My team and I wear so many hats, having someone dedicated to keeping our social media running is essential. Whenever I see our school’s posts on my Facebook feed, I think, Wow! That looks cool, and then I realized it was one of our posts, which made it all better. I am so impressed by the work that K12 Social Media is doing for our school!"
David Wagner
Administrative Director
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