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Creating your social media success story is our full-time passion.

Our goal is to help you get results, catch every enrollment opportunity that comes through social media, and help you outshine the local competition by showcasing your one-of-a-kind offerings. 

They have attracted new families to learn more about our school, resulting in a DRAMATIC increase in our enrollment numbers.


Arias and Shauna skillfully captures the essence and spirit of our school and connects deeply with our parent community, teachers, and students.  They have attracted new families to learn more about our school, resulting in a DRAMATIC increase in our enrollment numbers. I could not be happier with their work for us!

Gavin Keller

Executive Director, Journey School

"Working with them is a gift!"


“I am always amazed at the depths of research, attention to detail, and intentional messaging Arias and Shauna put into our posts. The content they create for us is beautiful and meaningful for our community. Working with them is a gift!”

Candace Villarta

Communications & Development Manager, Monterey Bay Charter School

Having someone dedicated to keeping our social media running is essential.


My team and I wear so many hats, having someone dedicated to keeping our social media running is essential. Whenever I see our school’s posts on my Facebook feed, I think, Wow! That looks cool, and then I realized it was one of our posts, which makes it all better. I am so impressed by the work that they are doing for our school!

David Wagner

Administrative Director, Desert Sage School

Are you in the right place?

On most school social media accounts, we’ll see some sweet pictures of students, a two-line descriptor, and no marketing strategy. Social media could be doing so much more to amplify your school’s voice!

Would you love to know that your social media is working hard behind the scenes for your school 24 hours a day, 7 days a week? 

Social media has the power to: 

Improve Communication
Raise School Pride
Boost Teacher Morale
Attract New Families to your Admission Office
Increase Retention Rates
When you implement a marketing strategy, social media can become a powerful arm of your school’s growth and retention plan.

Our Results

After implementing a hashtag strategy, our reach and community engagement nearly quadrupled.
From needing to fill seats to developing a healthy waitlist, we help our schools grow their enrollment.
We appealed to our community's emotions through consistent branding, making them feel more connected with our school.
Before and after image showing parents sharing instagram posts for schools.
We get our community involved to help us spread our schools' message, which increases our reach and helps us get in front of more prospective families.

Who are we?

Hi, we are so glad you are here! We are Arias and Shauna, the dynamic duo behind the social media scenes! 

Arias was a teacher for 16 years before she dove into social media marketing. 

When her previous school administrators asked her to help them with their social media, she was over the moon to help. Once they started posting consistently with a strategy in place, they were able to reach 7,000 people every week. Word got out, and she picked up a second school and then a third. K12  Social Media is now her full-time passion!  

Shauna is an incredibly talented graphic designer and school account manager. Her creativity,  joyful energy, and brilliant analytics research help our schools shine!

Fun Fact: Arias and Shauna have been friends since Kindergarten!

By pairing your school’s mission with a social media strategy, we have seen how social media can impact the health of school pride and enrollment. 

It is a joy to help schools share their stories on social media effectively, safely, and confidently!

Our Services

The Social Media Starter Kit

We'll train your communications department to ace social media.

Social Media Management

Let us take the reins of your social media and help you get results.

Rapid Growth à la Carte Services

Pour some fuel on the fire with Facebook Ads and tarteget outreach.

Trusted by these stellar schools and organizations:

"Outsourcing social media was the best thing I did for my organization and myself this year."


“The way K 12 Social Media presents our educational content is powerful, meaningful and fun for our ever-growing audiences! They are organized and professional; I can count on them to keep us on track and never miss a deadline. Outsourcing social media was the best thing I did for my organization and myself this year.”

Diana Graber

Founder, Cyber Civics

"K12 Social Media has helped us amplify our voice and grow our mission!"


“Through strong, consistent messaging that celebrates 4C LAB, K12 Social Media has helped us amplify our voice and grow our mission! I am so grateful to have Arias and Shauna handling our social media; they make us shine!”

Marissa Herrera

Co-Founder, 4C LAB

"They just get it, and gets results.


“Their amazing work boosts our school spirit and helps us grow! The glowing response from our community has been incredible. They just get it and get results.” 

Kris Reynolds

Enrollment and Outreach, Journey School

When you prioritize social media, and level up your strategy, your community takes notice!  See how our work impacted our schools! 

We're excited to learn more about your school and share ways we think we can help!

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